Coding vs Engineering: What You Need To Grow Your Startup

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There is an age-old debate about what qualifies as “Software Engineering” versus “Programming” or “Coding” and it stems from a misconception in many parts of the tech community about exactly what true engineering entails. As software engineers do not generally have the rigorous certification processes in the United States that our civil and other engineering counterparts do, there tends to be a lot of people calling themselves “engineers” when, in fact, they are more like “coders” or “programmers,” not that it is a bad thing by any means.  They both have equally important parts to contribute to the field of software development, just at different levels and with different responsibilities.

So, what exactly qualifies someone as a Software Engineer?

Software Engineering is a highly technical field, but also one that is not merely concerned with writing code. Software engineering is typically much more about the process and lifecycle of software development…

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